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No matter how hardware companies release new product after new product to impress us, there are still classic gaming products that haven’t really been outmatched yet. Some have simply fallen under the radar of of hardware companies, or there is an original version of a product we’ve simply fallen in love with despite all the […]

Video Lesson 4b

A recent announcement from Japan gave thousands of Shemnue fans reason to rejoice as they announced the 3rd title in the popular Dreamcast series, expanding to the PC fans were really hoping for something special. So imagine my disappointment when I found out it was one of those games that has a real heavy focus […]

This neat little trick that not many people know about to help you with recoil control. This will help you learn the spray /recoil patterns of the guns /weapons in Counter Strike Source. Make your own server then type these console commands into console: sv_cheats 1 sv_showimpacts 1 Now when you shoot something in Counter Strike […]

If there is one thing I get tired of hearing in a scrim or scrimmage it’s this. “omg wtf there is no reg or registration in this server my cross hair was rite on his head.” Well your cross hair may have indeed been on the enemy’s head. But as far as the game code […]